Las Vegas Casino History
The Venetians use for the first time the term ‘casino’ for a place to have fun.There, the fun and the pleasant life was the focus. Later, the word casino or casino was partially replaced by the term casino. In Europe it was the first beginnings of the casinos to fairs, events and noble in spas.

In the story we found evidence that were already organized the first games of chance in 1170 in Venice. At the time of the carnival games with bets were offered under the open sky.The first official casinos were opened found in the Netherlands in the 14th and 15th centuries.

In Germany, the first playhouse was founded in 1396, a real casino but only in the year 1720. Taking a break suffered all casinos in France by the ban, which was introduced by the French Revolution.

Thus , many players from all over Europe, became attracted to Germany because here casinos were still open. But even in Germany, gambling 1871-1933 was once forbidden.
The largest city of the world, Las Vegas, built his first casino but only in 1942 and from there to know pretty much every player the name’El Rancho’.Initially, the gambling and the casinos in Nevada was firmly in the hands of the Mafia. But over time, today’s business models were introduced and the mobster began to be suppressed.Today, is known worldwide as the most famous casino city. Not without reason, as countless huge casinos are waiting for the players and guests.

With the invention of the casinos games also had to be developed to attract the players. The cubes are one of the oldest form of gambling. Before them bones were used to obtain a random image. Therefore, the first dice were made ??of bones or animal teeth. In casino dice are used for certain types of poker, craps etc..

The invention of the card can be led back to the Chinese culture. The first confirmed forms date back to the 11th century. The now famous playing cards, the French journal, comes from the same country. The card deck consisting of 52 cards with 4 different characters and is used for poker and other card games, which come as standard in today’s casinos.

The , however, can not look back on such a long history. Beginning of the 19th century, the first vending machine, even one-armed bandit was called, built by Charles Frey. This unit comes from California and is the forerunner of today’s models. The large very popular in casinos because a single player can put his money without a or croupier. Thus, the effort is minimized and the profit for the bank is still large. Therefore fill slot machines usually also the majority of casino rooms.

In addition to these forms of games of chance were still more like the roulette invented. They all have together made ??casinos so popular. Another big growth experienced by the introduction of casinos Usa online casinos. As a result, around the clock, to be played 365 days a year at the casino and the number of participants is steadily increasing. Also In online !